All for only $199

Current Family Kicks students receive a 15% discount!

Bring your friends and join us for a birthday celebration Taekwon Do style! Birthday parties are 1.5 hours long with some fun Taekwon Do games that teach some basic punches and kicks, followed by birthday cake and presents in the "celebration area". The Birthday Package includes:

45-minutes of kicking fun for up to 20 kids (including birthday boy/girl)


45-minutes in "Celebration Area" for cake and presents

Family Kicks Taekwon Do will supply the cake, candles, drinks, plates, cups and utensils.  We'll also take care of the clean-up!

Wooden board for birthday boy/girl to break

Custom invitations sent to friends

You provide the names and addresses and we'll take care of the invitations for you!

Let us know what date(s) you're looking for and we'll let you know our availability

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