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As a father, a Taekwon Do instructor and a former police officer, there have been many times that I've seen the effects of bullying firsthand. From receiving news that a teenager that I coached in little league took their own life because of bullying, to talking to students and parents about how to handle bullying situations, I've lost count of the number of children and adults I've worked with in bullying situations. It's not easy figuring out the right thing to do, and bullying effects the entire community, not just one or two kids.


This is why we developed a free class aimed at helping kids and parents combat the effects of bullying. These classes are a combination of my experience as a police officer, a father and a Taekwon Do instructor and will cover areas such as Cyberbullying, who to talk to if you feel you are a victim of bullying, some basic self-defense, and how to make sure you're not the bully. In addition, we will work with parents on opening the lines of communication with their children, how to develop an action plan, and how to work with schools and law enforcement.


Classes are approximately 60 minutes long and open to parents and kids 5 years of age and older.


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