​Where are you located?​

We are located at 1347 Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Lewisville NC 27023 (the Lewisville Corners Shopping Center).

Who can join?

We encourage everyone to give it a try. Anyone age 5 and over is welcome for regular classes (students ages 4 & 5 can join the Little Kicks program), and we love to have families train together.

I'm not sure it's for me...

Come try it! Your first introductory lesson is FREE and you can train all summer for only $79 (includes an official Family Kicks TKD uniform and T-shirt)(offer ends July 1, 2021). Click on the 'Register Now' button below if you're interested in trying it out and we'll be ready when you get there.

Where do I get uniforms and gear?

All uniforms and gear need to be purchased through us. We have certain insurance and safety requirements we need to adhere to. Click on the 'Shop' link at the top of the webpage to access the school store.

Can I get other Family Kicks clothing and accessories?

Absolutely! We love to see our school name around town! You can find a number of items like shirts and sweatshirts by clicking on the 'Shop' link at the top of the page. Let us know if you would like to see something added.

Do I have to sign a contract to join?


How do I get updates about classes and community events?

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on class schedules, community events, and other useful information about our school and Taekwon Do.

If I have been training at a different Taekwon Do school and join Family Kicks, do I keep my rank?

Great question! Unlike some schools, we allow students who are transferring from other Taekwon Do schools to keep their current rank, even if they have been training in a different style of Taekwon Do. Please keep in mind that you will have to learn all of our material from white belt to your current belt in order to be eligible to test for your next rank, but while you're doing that, you will keep your current rank.

Have a question you don't see here, click the contact us button and let us know so we can get right back to you!


Includes official Family Kicks TKD uniform and T-shirt!

Expires July 1, 2021.  New Students Only.  No Obligations.

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"The Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together!"