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Students of Family Kicks Championship Martial Arts who are also enrolled in a home school program may be eligible to receive Physical Education credit for attending class!

In North Carolina, each home school's Chief Administrator sets the criteria for course credits and can choose to accept participation in our Taekwon Do classes as credit for Physical Education. To help track and substantiate the course materials, Family Kicks Championship Martial Arts provides at no additional cost:


- Attendance tracking through our classroom attendance software. Parents can access their child's attendance records through their online student portal.

- Robust course materials. Each student receives a detailed student manual that outlines the requirements for each rank. These requirements consist of physical techniques as well as educational requirements such as vocabulary, history of patterns, etc. In addition, written documentation outlining competencies tested during belt testing are completed and maintained by Family Kicks CMA for each student.

- Instructor certification. Family Kicks CMA's Chief Instructor can provide a signed certification on student's attendance, participation and curriculum on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis depending on the needs of the home school.

Contact us for more information on the homeschool PE program, or Register Now for your free introductory lesson to come give us a try!

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