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Taekwon Do is an unarmed form of self-defense created by General Choi Hong Hi and introduced to the world on April 11, 1955. Taekwon Do loosely translates into "The way of the hand and fist" and utilizes scientifically-based principles which enables people of all shapes, sizes and abilities to effectively defend themselves. However, Taekwon Do is much more than the physical application of self-defense techniques, it improves the whole person.


There are a number of benefits from Taekwon Do, such as:


- Builds self-confidence

- Improves physical well-being

- Sharpens mental ability

- Enhances self-control

- Creates friendships with other students

- Develops younger students into positive leaders for their community

Who Can Learn Taekwon Do?

EVERYONE! One of the amazing things about Taekwon Do is its ability to be adapted for any person regardless of size, skill or physical ability. In our experience, the best way to enjoy all the fantastic benefits of Taekwon Do is to train together as a family, which is the foundation of our school.

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